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June 13, 2012


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Maybe its noob question but why in Maya 2013 Python API MImage class is omitted?

Kristine Middlemiss

All questions are good, can you just clarify for me where you are seeing the MImage for Python API is beign omitted? I don't see that in my post or documentation...


I didnt mean Your post but this page:
In documentation for Maya 2012 Python and C++ were described together, now its on separete page and i dont see that class or I just missed something.

Kristine Middlemiss

Oh, I am with you now! Thanks for explaining! So this is Python 2.0 and it's going to take a couple of releases to finish as you have noticed everything is not there yet including MImage, it will come in time. If you need MImage continue to use the Python 1.0 that has everything you need in this namespace:

import maya.OpenMaya as OpenMaya

rather then the Python 2.0 namespace:

import maya.api.OpenMaya as newOpenMaya

This actually would be a good post topic on explaining the how Python 2.0 is additional to the original 1.0.



I felt that it was a silly question, thanks!

Kristine Middlemiss

Nah, all questions are great! :)

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