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April 22, 2013


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is there any certain need at all to use PyQt? If I understand right differences to PySide are small.

Cyrille Fauvel

Hi Felix
No, if you are happy with PySide, use PySide since it comes with Maya by default. These build instructions are for people who cannot move easily to PySide for legacy reasons. There are few minors differences such as changing the imports, and the big one is

widget = shiboken.wrapInstance(long(ptr), QtCore.QObject)

you have to give shiboken (not sip) the actual type of object. You can't rely on sip to figure it out.

Otherwise, the port is very easy, but I know some people would prefer staying with PyQt.



Thanks, I'm not a programmer but use some plugins that use PyQT. Is it possible to make an installer for OSX or an easier tutorial?

I got lost in the beginning already... :-/

Cyrille Fauvel

Hi Peter
I wish I could, but unfortunately I am not allowed to ship binaries. This post assumes you got the developer environment for Maya 2014 setup as documented in the Maya API Online Help (using Xcode 3.2.1, OSX SDK 10.6 and gcc 4.2.1 for OSX) - if your Mac is setup properly.



Hello Cyrille,
Nevermind my last comment. Did not realize these were .bat files. All is well. Thank you for these great tutorials.

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